about the designer

After growing up in St. Louis, MO, I headed to the northeast
for college and ended up settling in Boston after my graduation.
I endured 11 cold winters in Boston and one hard-earned Boston
Marathon medal before returning to the midwest in 2002.

No matter where I call “home” these days, creativity and fashion
sense have always been at the front of my mind. When I talk on
the phone, I doodle pictures of ladies with long eyelashes, shoes
with extremely high heels, and purses I wish I could own.

With my personal budget in mind, I set my sights upon making
gifts for my friends’ babies and adorning my own plain t-shirts with
the vintage fabric swatches I’d been collecting for years. One night
while I was out to dinner with friends in Boston, three separate
women in the restaurant came up to me to ask me where I had
bought my shirt. Somewhat reservedly, I replied that I had designed
it myself...and they proceeded to place their “orders.” Similarly, I
mailed one of my baby caps to a friend’s out-of-town baby shower
and within a week, I had emails and phone calls from other
moms-to-be requesting caps for their own little ones.

I hope you like what you see on these pages and are inspired by
the beauty and intricacy of the vintage fabrics that add dimension
to my designs. Feel free to email me your comments and requests
at rebecca@rebeccamelander.com.

Kind regards,

Rebecca S. Melander