AboutRebecca S. Melander

Finding the right words to describe myself ranks up there as a pretty major challenge. Game on!

I’m funny. Yes, a good laugh kinda makes my day.

I’m energetic. I run, swim, play, lift, cook, launder, practice yoga, cardio-parent, create and improvise every day of the week.

I’m fashion-focused. Now don’t be confused. I’m not a model, but I try to stay one click ahead of trend and march to my own beat. I marvel and laugh at fashion, cuz, well, fashion is funny. More on that later.

I’m talkative. Yep. My fifth grade teacher taught me the word loquacious and it sunk in. Deep.

I have fun stories to tell, opinions to share and some cool stuff you might even wanna buy.

So that’s me. Now let’s talk.